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The 2024 Census covers 99 percent of the population

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024: According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), the overall coverage in the National Population and Housing Census 2024 was 99 percent as of the close of enumeration on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

The Census was conducted electronically from May 9-19, 2024, with a mopping-up exercise until May 26, 2024, to ensure complete coverage in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area and hard-to-reach districts.

During a press briefing at the Bureau’s headquarters today, Chris Mukiza, the UBOS Executive Director and Census Commissioner, stated that the remaining one percent is made up of residents at inaccessible gates, working single household members such as factory and mine workers, and those who refused to be counted.

According to raw data obtained for the 2024 Ugandan national census, smaller household sizes increased in comparison to the previous year, 2014.

The preliminary results are due on June 24, the provisional results on September 24, and the final report on December 24.

“The Bureau remains committed to the Census Roadmap as it embarks on data processing, editing, and analysis. The preliminary results will be disseminated in June 2024, to be followed by provisional results on September 24, 2024. The final report will be published on December 24., 2024.” Mukiza said

The Post-Enumeration Survey (PES), aimed at confirming the coverage and quality of data obtained during the main Census enumeration, will take place in July 2024. In accordance with internationally known best practices.

Every ten years, Uganda conducts a national census, using the data to assist in planning, policy creation, programme implementation, and monitoring progress towards national goals.


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  1. Am sure many people way not counted not because they refused but coz of lazy enumerators who failed to reach out to everyone


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