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Intelligent Transport Monitoring System (ITMS) Project

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The Government of Uganda has partnered with Joint Stock Company “Global Security” to launch the Intelligent Transport Monitoring System (ITMS) project, aimed at addressing the challenges posed by the increasing number of motor vehicles in the country. The project objectives include:

1. Enhancing the recognition of vehicles used in criminal activities to facilitate swift response by security agencies.

2. Improving traffic management.

3. Boosting revenue collection through the issuance of digital traffic tickets.

The ITMS project comprises several components, including the issuance of digital registration plates. These new plates feature:

– Two aluminium registration plates (front and back)

– A tracker

– A SIM chip

– Two Bluetooth beacons (front and back)

– Snap locks (front and back)

The system will enable real-time tracking of all vehicles on the ITMS platform at the Police Command Centers in Naguru and Nateete, allowing the government to trace and resolve vehicle-related crimes and traffic offenses efficiently.


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