First Public Memorial Lecture of Philly Lutaaya to be held on World AIDS Day

As Uganda prepares to celebrate World Aids Day on 1st.Dec.2019, the first ever public memorial lecture of Philly Lutaaya will be on 29.11.2019 at Imperial Royal Hotel Kampala.

Be, there and let us fight the scourge together. However, as we join the rest in the fight, here are key messages to focus on.


Young people:

  • Remember, HIV is still around. Take a stand to prevent it.Test and know your HIV status.
  • Abstain from sex until you are ready for the consequences that come with it -Before you engage in sex, know your HIV status and that of your partner
  • If sexually active, adopt safer sex practices such as using condoms and faithfulness
  • Avoid alcohol and drug abuse that that compromises your decision making
  • Get off the sexual network to avoid risk of getting HIV
  • Avoid bad influence and peer pressure that can expose you to HIV infection.


  • Spend quality time with your children and set an example for them to follow
  • Equip your children with skills to deal with peer pressure that results in risky behaviors’ such as early sex, alcohol abuse and premature death
  • Support your children to complete school
  • Stop stigma for people living with HIV.
  • Parents, discuss about issues of sex and dangers of HIV with your children.
  • Equip your children with skill on how to deal with peer influence to avoid HIV.


  • Remember, as a man, you can only achieve your dream if you are alive. Leaders
  • Motivate young people to stay in school and engage in productive activities.