#CitizenBaraza: Emmanuel Ainebyoona on the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

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Duncan Abigaba and the SPRO of Ministry of Health Discuss Covid Vaccination in Uganda

According to a recent study by the East African Business Council (EABC) on the Impact of COVID-19 on selected sectors, it has been discovered that the East African Community Countries i.e Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan have lost $4.8b in tourism revenue and 2 million jobs.

The study further shows that 26.5% of the businesses in the region have lost 100% of their projected revenues, 44% of the businesses have lost 75% of the projected revenues while 17.6% of the businesses have lost 50% of their revenues.

In Uganda, many businesses including bars, gyms, night clubs etc, remain closed, denying many people employment and a livelihood. There are also growing voices in the country agitating for the opening up of the places of worship; churches, mosques etc.

Another sector significantly affected by COVID-19 is education. Schools have been closed twice; March 2020 and July 2021, to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, schools in neighbouring Kenya and Rwanda remain open.

During one of the National COVID-19 addresses, President Museveni, said Uganda’s economy would fully reopen once 5 million most at risk Ugandans have been vaccinated. These include; frontline workers like doctors, nurses, and midwives. Also, included are the elderly (above 50 years), underlying conditions’ patients like diabetes etc. However, Ugandans are losing patience every day. 

During an address by the Minister for Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng last week, she said Uganda is expecting 18 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine for 9 million people effective October, 2021. Uganda is also expecting 9 million doses of Johnson and Johnson for 9 million people effective September, 2021 and another 18 million doses of for 9 million people from COVAX facility.